Mac is a fully loaded feature rich desktop operating system from the widely popular and acknowledged Apple Inc. It offers a lot of characteristics for making the user to perform their working and function easily with the expected performance and efficiency with the best result delivered. For easing the task and offering you to cut off the load on the system to some extent we have a tool which aids you to perform three mechanisms at once on the same time without any sort of trouble. The tool is widely accessed by Mac users offering them a great utility to access.

Unclutter is a unique tool offered by Ambience Corporation providing the Mac user to use it as a clipboard, stashing files platform and compiling the notes. The tool is easily accessible from the Mac desktop’s menu bar present on the top of the screen. The tool is by default hidden under the menu bar of Mac for accessing the tool the user has to hold the cursor on the menu bar and drag it downwards with the wheel of cursor. Unclutter contains three panels placed side by side to each other starting with the Clipboard panel followed by Files panel and ending with Notes panel. On the tool you can get instant access to files just lining them by stashing the files on the panel by dragging and dropping them on the panel.


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Features of Unclutter:

  • Create instant annotations through the help of Notes feature present on the tool and access at any moment when needed.
  • Stash up your readily and instant needed files to tool aiding to use them whenever you want to utilize them.
  • The application is easy to use and offers the people basic simple needed features offering great utility to the user.
  • A clean and neat user interface for making the accessing of the tool a great remarkable experience.

Unclutter Tool for Mac

Unclutter: Three in One Manager:

Recently the three in one tool got update and added some features along with increasing the appearance of the application to make it more attractive. The application offers panel resizing, keyboard shortcuts and syncing support of files etc to Dropbox. If you don’t want to access the additional features offered and present in the tool then you can hide them easily in order to avoid the overcrowding on it. With the upgrade an all new user interface is installed on the tool to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

unculter mac

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Unclutter- Three in One Mac Manager Tool
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