Mac is a great operating system developed by Apple Inc. for the Macintosh computer systems line providing the user to get minimalized controls on the system to work with ease. The operating system was formulated in 1984 about 34 years ago which was the classic Mac OS and in 2000 the company revised it naming it Mac OS X having some upgrades to benefit the user. Mac OS gives and gets direct competition from Microsoft’s Windows operating system to provide the customer better experience in terms of using, working and efficiency. The current version of Mac OS is Mac OS X Yosemite available for people using Macintosh computers.

The working on Mac OS is simple and minimal offering the user to perform certain activities without any sort of trouble or difficulty allowing them to function as wanted. Many people have come across the problem of uninstalling an application from Mac as it not really uninstalls from the system but the process is straightforward and doesn’t contains complexity to do it. If you are finding any sort of inconvenience while performing the uninstallation of applications on Mac then we are today going to aid you for acknowledging the procedure to do so.


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Apps Uninstallation from Mac Permanently:

There are numerous applications present on Mac while some are of use and others are there degrading the system, you can perform uninstallation of the apps as simply you install them. The process is easy and in one go an individual will get it.

Step 1:

Mostly the applications come with uninstaller associated you must try to use it before perform the process manually. If the apps are not having an uninstaller then you have to drag and drop the application you want to remove into the trash. Basically the apps are present there in the Application folder of the system but you can locate them through Spotlight or with Finder.

Step 2:

You will be able to delete the application from the system by dropping it into Trash and right-clicking on Trash icon select on Empty Trash option to remove the items there on Trash which will also remove the dropped app uninstalling it from Mac.


Step 3:

After you have uninstalled the app there will be some files of the app like framework etc. For finishing the process you must get rid of them from Mac. By navigating with the help of Library folder you can reach them, open Finder then click ‘Go’ on the menu bar and by holding Alt or Option Key you will get Library option.

Step 4:

Inside Library you will see a large number of folders and you have to locate the one containing the associated files of the deleted app. Ensure that you delete the associated files only and removal of wrong files will cause harm to the system. For avoiding the look in each and every folder which is time-consuming you go use Search to get the files.


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