Delta Search is nothing but a Search engine. I am pretty sure that you too have seen Delta Search as your primary search engine to remove this annoying thing, you came down here. Delta program is promoted by most of the programs and software online. Whenever a user download such program or tool, Delta search engine automatically set as the default search engine. This is not enough, it comes along with its toolbar too. And hence many of the users have found it quite an annoying thing. To get rid of this, you have to follow the below report. Following we have prepared a complete guidelines to uninstall or remove delta search from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Details are as follows!

Delta Search Engine

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Initially you have to check whether this Delta tool is installed on your PC or just on your browsers. For that, go to your PC’s control panel and select Programs options and then Uninstall a program. The list of all the installed programs will be presented to you. Search for Delta Search int he list. If it’s there, double click on to it and it will be removed from the PC automatically. Once the uninstallation process gets finished, make sure to reboot your system once.

Hot to Uninstall or Remove Delta Search from Google Chrome? 

Step 1 :

Remove Delta Search extension from the Chrome. First thing you need to do is click on to the drench icon of Chrome. It can be found at the extreme right side of the chrome browser besides the address bar. Click on to it and then select Tools. In tools select Extensions. A list of all the installed and enabled extensions will be there in front of you. Search for Delta Search extension and make it disabled or remove it instantly from there.

Delta Search Remove

Step 2 :

Scroll down the page and search for the default search engine option. Make sure to set Google as your default search engine from the option.

Step 3 :

Select On Start up option from the same page and remove Deltasearch,com from there. Add as the search engine.

Delta Search Remove 1

How to Uninstall or Remove Delta Search from Mozilla Firefox? 

Step 1 :

At the top of the Firefox Window you would see an orange logo of Firefox. Click on to it and a menu with all the useful options will be there.

Step 2 :

Select Add ons option and you would be presented all the installed Add ons there.

Step 3 :

There you would see Delta Search Add on is installed. Make sure to remove it manually from there just by clicking on to the Remove option. Once the Add on is removed, you need to reboot your system for once.

How to Uninstall or Remove Delta Search from Internet Explorer? 

Step 1 :

Launch Internet Explore from your PC and click on to the gear icon which is at the extreme right corner of the front page of IE.

Step 2 :

Select Manage Add Ons option from the given options.

Step 3 :

You will be presented a list of all the installed Add ons on the page. Scroll down and search for Delta Search Add on. If found, make sure to remove it manually. You can select the remove button to do so.

Step 4 :

To change the default search engine, go and follow the above process again. Under the Manage Add Ons option you will see an option search providers. Click on to that option and change the default search engine as Google.

How to Uninstall or Remove Delta Search from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
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