Smartphones are becoming one of most widely used gadget among the people and its market is growing largely with the passing days as more companies are entering the market seeing the profitability present in it. The features and characteristics offered in them make them to be purchased and to use them for having a great time while accessing them. There are various mobile operating systems on which the smartphones run like iOS, Windows, Android and etc. The operating systems have many things present in them for allowing the people to have the smartphone to be accessed for more than one use at a single time.

Android is a popular mobile operating system developed by Google and having 56% market share which is the largest as compared to the other mobile OS present out there in the market. Majority of smartphones run on Android OS as due to the brilliant features offered and present in it making the user to have a mind-blowing experience while accessing the operating system on the smartphone. The operating system is improved and released by Google to provide the user to have the latest changes and innovations along with making the working to be more than the expectations.


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Using an Android Phone with Damaged / Broken Power Button:

As we know that gadgets break whether it happens earlier or after a while and the smartphones are no other case which also falls in the situation of not working properly. Most common problem that arises in Android smartphones is damaging of power button encountered the people using smartphones other than Samsung as they have a home key to perform the function. While a person can use an Android phone with damaged / broken power button with the help of the guide provided here.

Android device

Step 1:

First of you have to unlock/wake up your smartphone which you can do so by making a call to your device. The smartphone should be unlocked as it is important to do so as the further process depends on this.

Step 2:

Now you can use some apps which will aid you to perform the locking/unlocking of the device. You can try apps like

Power Button to Volume Button which will make the volume button your power button without any root access.

Gravity Unlock making the phone sensors to acknowledge the orientations according to which it perform functions specified by the user.

Proximity Actions makes the device proximity sensors to judge and initiate the actions chosen by the user.

Power button

Step 3:                                                           

As the apps will serve as the temporary fix and will serve their purposes for a certain limit. You need to have a permanent fix regarding the issue of your device and by repairing it you can do so.


How to Use an Android Phone with Damaged / Broken Power Button
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