Smartphones have become an essential part of the life, used by many people around the globe and they have the features making the person’s time along with its work simpler and easier. With new updates and new generation smartphones are coming in the market, people tend forget about the older versions possessed by them and buy the newer phones for staying up to date with other people. There are various options present for utilizing the old smartphones whether running on Android or Windows OS, it can be sold, donated, root it or used as addition accessory for your desktop.

You can use your unused Android smartphone as a webcam; it will save you the money and time consumed in getting the right one for matching your needs. Webcams are useful in chatting with friends, colleagues etc, making it popular way of connecting and seeing the person contacting to. You can transform the Android smartphone through simple steps and making it a webcam according to your preference.

Android Webcam

Steps for Making Android Smartphone as Webcam on PC or Laptop:

Step 1:

Ensure that your system (Computer/Laptop) has Wi-Fi connection and is shared by both smartphone and system for doing the process. There are various applications present on Google Play Store free of cost for enabling the Android smartphone as the webcam. For this I recommend the AirDroid application because I have done this process through this application.

Step 2:

Download and install the AirDroid application, then open it and tap on ‘Sign in later’. Then the application will formulate an IP address on the screen and now type the address on your system’s internet browser whether Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


Step 3:

After typing the IP address on your computer and select the Enter key, at time you entered, the authenticity option will pop-up on your Android Smartphone. Tap on Accept for connecting with the system.

Step 4:

After tapping on Accept, you will be now able to operate your Android device through the system. Click on the camera option present with all options.


Step 5:

On selecting it the camera of the smartphone will be turned on and you will able be to see the video stream on the screen of your system.

You can end the connection by tapping on disconnect option present on your AirDroid application and it will simply disconnect your Android device from your system. Through these steps you can make your unused Android device into a webcam and make it again to come in use after a period of time. These steps are simple and efficient in giving you the knowledge about making the device a webcam.

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