Smartphones has now become an integral part of people’s life as they give more than the feature phones offer to various individuals. It allows the person to avoid carrying multiple digital devices at the same time for working as it becomes tiresome to manage the carried devices. The mobile operating system on which the smartphone runs has made the functioning ease along with making the working done by a person to be easy and giving them computing potential. According to a survey nearly 1 billion smartphones are owned and are currently in use in the world.

Android OS is ruling the market from 2010 and has managed to have made a market share of 33% largest among the other mobile operating systems present for smartphones like iOS, Windows and etc. Android operating system is developed by Google and has been used by mobile manufactures in their devices. There are various features offered by Android OS for people, like using third-party apps and etc. You can utilize the internet connection of your PC / Computer on your Android device for greater utility.

Computer and smartphone

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Using the PC / Computer’s Internet Connection on Mobile :

Internet speed can be enhanced on utilizing the internet connection of the PC / Computer. You can experience great and brilliant net speed on your Android device and have easy along with comfortable browsing the internet. It will also boost your downloading speed of the device and can download the large files on your device within minutes. Encounter the speed of Wi-Fi through the internet connection shared with PC / Computer.

We have the procedure of having using the  PC / Computer’s Internet connection on mobile, by following these steps you will be able to use the outstanding net speed on the device.

USB Debugging

Step 1:

First you have to connect your device to system through a USB cable for starting the sharing process.

Step 2:

After doing the connection process, navigate to the Settings of the device and tap on the More option present under the Data usage for going into the Wireless and Network setting.

Android phone

Step 3:

There you will see the USB internet option, tap on the box present adjacent to it for enabling it. Then you have to select the PC system version on which Windows version the computer is having and running on.

Step 4:

After making the selection, follow the instructions given on the screen of the device. The instructions are optional on various devices, if there is no instruction on your device, then proceed to the next step.

Internet settings

Step 5:

Now open the Network connections on your PC / Computer and right-click on the connection, click on share and then go to the properties of the connection. On the sharing tab, select the option of ‘Allow Other Network Users to Connect Through this Computer’s Internet Connection’.

Step 6:

After doing this entire process, tap on Done tab on the device’s screen for enabling the internet on the device. The notification will there for the connection on the Notification bar.

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How to Use PC / Computer’s Internet Connection on Mobile
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