Spotify is a great application for streaming music and worldwide music content for the people, allowing them to have access to the songs along with albums present in large number on the app. People can browse their favorite songs and albums through the genre, album and playlist. Started in 2008 made approximately 10 million active users within two years of launching for people, it is available for various operating systems like Android, iOS and many more making it a widely used music streaming application.

The application is available in limited countries and makes it people living in non-supported countries unable to enjoy the rich features of the application in their home region, this problem is common in places like India and many countries present in Asia. Don’t worry we have the solution for you to get the application in your smartphone and use it even if you don’t live in non-supported countries of Spotify.


Steps for Using in Any Country Other Than Supported Ones:

Step 1:

All you have to do is to interchange the proxy server of the device from default set to United States. There are many applications and web services present online for changing the proxy server. Among those I would like to recommend Tunnel Bear and Cyberghost VPN to be used for doing the process.

Step 2:

We used Tunnel Bear for doing this, download and install the application, it will ask you to create a free account for using the service. Create the account and now you have activated the UK proxy through the application.


Step 3:

Open the Spotify homepage and sign in for using the service by clicking on Sign up button for formulating the account. It is necessary to own a Facebook account for getting registered to use Spotify.

Step 4:

After registering and making the account on Spotify, login into the account and choose the Edit Profile option present on the right-top corner. Go to the account settings and select the United Kingdom as the current country, then save the changes. Spotify will allow and acknowledge the change due to being on UK proxy.


Step 5:

Now you are all ready to use the services of Spotify and enjoy the music streaming offered by the application. Install Spotify on your device and log in through the Facebook account. After the first login into the application safely disconnect from the UK proxy server.

Don’t disconnect from the UK proxy server till you make your first login and after doing so you can use the service anytime when you need through the default proxy server. On Android you can only skip through songs to a limit of 6 per hour.

How to Use Spotify in Any Country Outside the US & UK
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