Facebook is one of most popular social networking site providing the people the entertainment, exciting and place for connecting with others. A person can communicate and link with other people along with individuals making him/her to have a different and unique of having the conversation along with your friends, family and colleagues. You can share various contents of media on the social networking site and have a great time while using the site. Day by day the social site is gaining popularity and making more people its users along with allowing the users to benefit themselves through the features.

There are several tricks and tips developed by some technological enthusiasts for making the social networking site experience more exciting and entertaining than the usual. These tricks help the user to enjoy using Facebook and have a great time with their friends through showing off through these tricks and make a good impression on others. Today we are going to tell how you can use two Facebook Profile Pics at the same time; yes you can do so and have a great impact on people as this trick is amazing and brilliant in its way providing to have an outstanding profile on Facebook other than the usual owned by others.


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Using Two Facebook Profile Pics at Same Time:

No need of downloading of any sort of application for doing this just some procedures is to be followed for ensuring that it is done properly and avoid any problem while using Facebook profile. Doing and following steps will not provide any harm to your Facebook profile and no sort of hacking is there in these steps for ensuring that the people are comfortable while doing the steps for their profile on Facebook.

Steps of Using Two Facebook Profile Pics at Same Time:

Step 1:

First of all you have to login into your account and then navigate to Albums of your Facebook profile and go to the Profile Pictures Album.

Step 2:

Select the profile picture you want to choose as the main picture, on opening the picture go to address bar of the browser and see the fbid on the link.


Step 3:

Then go to the profile page of your Facebook profile and click on profile pic then select ‘Edit Profile Picture’. You will see the ‘Edit Thumbnail’ present in the option box.

Step 4:

A box will pop-up and you have to right-click on the profile pic small, choose the select inspect element option. Under the inspect element scroll down and you will see the code <form action=”https://upload.facebook.com/save_square_pic.php” search for the fbid and replace it with fbid value copied in the Step 2.


Step 5:

Close the inspect element box and then click on save button. Now you have completed the process and enabled yourself to have

Use Two Facebook Profile Pics at the Same Time
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