Everyone must have seen the popular sport ‘Parkour’, also known as Free Running where an individual moves speedily moves in an environment and overcoming the obstacles in the way through running, hopping and mounting on them. There are various fans of this sport admiring and performing it for having a sense of relief in the mind. Parkour has worldwide fans loving it all it has and offers to the spectators, various video games are out there for people to experience the thrill in the game. Vector is also a part of the game legacy made having the inspiration of the sport in the mind of the developers.

Vector is an exciting game built in arcade design giving the player an interesting plot and free running environment where you have revolted against the system along with escaping from them. The player has to run, slide, climb and hurdle using the free running techniques along with breaking free from the chase by the ‘Big Brother’ behind you to capture you again and make you enslave of the system. The game is truly derives its inspiration from Parkour and made the player to perform the techniques used in parkour for clearing the level and moving ahead to freedom and change. It is available for Android and iOS device users, along with it can be played on social networking site Facebook.


Features of Vector:

  • Experience the thrill and adrenaline of chase having both feelings of intense and electrifying rush.
  • Various beautiful designed environments of the city area.
  • Good graphics giving you make the every second count while playing.
  • An elegant style and class is offered in game making it have a good attraction.
  • Perform cunning stunts along jump as high you can from the slavery of the system.

Vector gameplay

Vector Game APK for Android Download – Latest Version:

Vector is a must download and play game for people who love doing unrealistic stunts and have a good fondness for parkour. Breakout from the torture of the system and move towards freedom by overcoming the obstacles in your way. It is been widely played by people on their smartphone.

Vector game

Vector Game APK for Android Download

Steps of Downloading Vector Game APK for Android:

Step 1:

Do the download of the file from a safe and secure link/server for avoiding the attack on your system. Download Vector Game APK for Android  from the link provided above on the desktop and it is a secure link for doing downloading.

Step 2:

Download process will be over in no time, then transmit the file from the desktop to the Android device with the help of a USB cable and locate the file on the device.


Step 3:

Tap on the file for starting the installation of the app and it will be over in a couple of seconds, it will be there in App Drawer bar of the smartphone.

Step 4:

Open the app from the App Drawer and play along experiencing the amazing game on the device.

Vector Game APK for Android – Free Download (Latest)
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