Viber is a popular and worldly accessed instant messaging application providing the people to chat with the friends, relatives and other persons. The messenger also offers the public to use the Voice-over IP service to have voice chat with the people there on the app along with serving a great alternative to Skype. The app competes with WhatsApp for becoming the most efficient and used cross platform / device messaging service provider present for people globally. The person using the app can voice call, text chat, send many multimedia content to the people using the service offered by it.

The person using the messenger can also the video call to almost 100 people at the same time making a feature not there in every instant messenger. Viber has a nice user interface packaged nicely killing the traditional way of sending texts allowing the person to have the service which advanced in every sort compared to it. It can used on various mobile operating systems like Android, Windows and iOS etc to provide the device users to have access to the features and efficiency offered along with present in it to have the upgrade in communication on their hands.


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Viber for PC Offline Installer for Windows:

After creating a wide following on mobile operating system then it is made available for Windows operating system the Viber offline Installer for the desktop and laptops allowing the Windows users to have the same features and means of communication used by on smartphones to be used on PC. The guide is provided here allowing you to acknowledge the process to install the messenger along with providing the link for performing the download on your system which will simplify the process of accessing the marvelous instant messaging app.



Viber for PC Offline Installer

Steps of Installing Viber for PC Offline Installer:

Step 1:

You have firstly download the Viber app from the link provided above. The link provided is safe and secure to do the download process and will not harm the security of the system resulting in decreasing the performance of the desktop.

Step 2:

Install the downloaded file on your system which will require about a couple of minutes to fully completed and to be properly launched on the desktop.

Step 3:

Register yourself on the messenger to make yourself enable in accessing the features and services offered in it for making you to experience and encounter a great time through the characteristics making you to get as expected by you.


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