Most of us use Facebook daily on your smartphones and systems basically it has the name of a second world where we live a life connected socially with people. The social networking platform is accessed by more than half of the people living on the globe allowing the user to create an account for engaging with people and individuals having the like mindset sharing your thoughts with them. Facebook is growing day by day and more people are connecting with the help of the social networking site on their devices for encountering a great time.

We all put profile pictures on our Facebook to showcase how we look at our best and sometimes people make their profile picture private by locking it. If the profile picture is locked it can’t be viewed on full size just can be seen in 160×160 pixel view on the profile of the user. But we have cracked the trick to View & Download Private or Locked Facebook Profile Picture on your system without any problem or trouble. The trick will enable you to get the desired profile picture of a particular person who has set the privacy on the profile picture of their profile.


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View & Download Private or Locked Facebook Profile Picture:

The trick is simple to perform allowing everybody who is not sound for proper coding about the computer can easily do it. Through it you can achieve the desired objective and download the profile picture of the person you want to. While performing the trick you will not harm or hamper the privacy set by the person on his/her profile picture so no need to worry about the damage that will happen to the profile of the person.

FB profile

Step 1:

Login in your Facebook Account through your device whether a smartphone or PC through with you want to perform the trick.

Step 2:

Now open the profile of the person you want to perform the download of the picture on a fresh new tab. Right click on the Profile Picture and select Copy Image URL option present on the box.

Step 3:

Now paste the copied URL on a Notepad or Microsoft Word also you can put it on a new tab as you like. You have to edit the URL for getting the profile picture in full size to download it.

Step 4:

On the URL you will see the words /hprofile-ak, you have to start from it then clear it till 160×160. As the URL is Now you have to copy it and paste it on a new tab on the browser if you have edited it on the tab just then hit enter to go the photo.


The profile picture will be there in full size and you will be able to download it on your device without any trouble or problem.

How to View & Download Private or Locked Facebook Profile Picture
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