In the digital age of smartphones and tablets we all have forgotten what it is like to send a SMS to people as we like to do in the early times of the communicating technology. The main reason of this factor is the evolution of instant messaging applications allowing the users to get speedy communication means to connect with people. Among the applications present on the various mobile operating systems WeChat has created a distinct mark among the minds of the individuals to communicate with people. WeChat is a mobile texting and voice messaging application developed by Tencent in China about 4 years ago in 2011.

WeChat is been named as the largest individual app on the basis of users active on the messenger on a month. The application can be accessed on several mobile OS like Windows Phone, iOS and etc to make the people to encounter the marvelous features present on it. The majority of people using the instant messenger are the residents of China which found the app native and local due to the fact that all the workings related to the app are managed from China. WeChat is giving a tough fight to the fellow competitors WhatsApp, Viber and others with inherent characteristics offered to the people for utilizing the app on their devices.


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WeChat Sign Up – Creating a WeChat Account:

The main thing that is there in WeChat is the signing up process present in the application through which one has to register him/her on the messenger to get the services offered. The person has make an account on the messenger just like that they have to do while performing the registration of an e-mail. The process is simple but many people tend to face complication while doing the signup and are unable to get register to use the service of the application. For people encountering the trouble we have a guide aiding you to sign up on the application and create a WeChat Account.

Step 1:

First install the application on your device and if you are using Android OS on your device then you can download the APK file from the above link. Tap on the application after it has installed to start the signing up process.

Step 2:

When you open the application then you will see an option naming Sign Up tap on to go on the screen of creating an account. You will see various blocks in which you have to fill the required and asked information about you like Your Name, Region and etc.

wechat id


Step 3:

After you have completed this you have to tap on the Sign up option to make the process to enter the final stage. The app will check the information as it doesn’t collides with a previously present account.

Step 4:

The messenger will send you a verification code through the SMS which you have to enter to finish the process of registration. After this you will be able to access WeChat and able to text to other people.

If you have a QQ account, then you login to the popular messenger application with the help of the QQ account with the same password as you have set on the account.

WeChat Sign Up – How to Create a WeChat Account
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