Wget is basically a computer program that gets content from the servers present on the World Wide Web allowing the user to perform download of files. The program served as the link for filling the gap between web-downloading means present in the mid of 90s as there was not a single program for performing the reliable download on the system from the HTTP and FTP. Wget provided the desktop users a means of performing the download of files of various contents without thinking of the several factors that might trouble the downloading process.

The Wget aids the download to be robust allowing the download process to be restart if it becomes incomplete due to network problem. Through it you can retrieve the download and start from where it stopped due to network problem. It also performs the download repeatedly till all the pages are downloaded to the depth wanted by the user and allowing to get the full directory to be there as needed. There are some tips and tricks that can be done through Wget commands which make the old school program more entertaining and useful than our thoughts. We have listed some Wget command tutorial aiding you to utilizing the commands for your purpose ad as you want to.


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Wget Commands Tutorial:

  • Downloading a file and saving it on disk with a different name: wget ‐‐output-document=filename.html sitename.com
  • Resuming the download interrupted by Wget: wget ‐‐continue sitename.com/file.iso
  • Performing the download of a number of URLs through Wget: wget ‐‐input list-of-file-urls.txt
  • Download the MP3 collections from the website: wget ‐‐level=1 ‐‐recursive ‐‐no-parent ‐‐accept mp3,MP3 http://sitename.com/mp3/


  • Download files from a password protected sites: wget ‐‐http-user=techraze ‐‐http-password=hello123 http://sitename.com/secret/file.zip
  • Getting the size of the without downloading it: wget ‐‐spider ‐‐server-response http://sitename.com/file.iso
  • Know the last modified date of the webpage: wget ‐‐server-response ‐‐spider http://www.techraze.com/
  • Specify the download speed rate through Wget: $ wget –limit-rate=200k http://www.openss7.org/repos/tarballs/strx25-


  • Download a full website with Wget: $ wget –mirror -p –convert-links -P ./LOCAL-DIR WEBSITE-URL

With the help of these Wget commands you will be able to make use the program to several things which are way different from the download managers. Through the program a solider used to perform the download of numerous secret documents from the army of the United States of America Intranet published later on the internet through Wikileaks. The power of Wget is high and contains the features that can intimidate a new user of system.

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Wget Command Tutorial for Linux Users
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