Firefox operating system is an open OS developed by the non-profit corporation Mozilla widely known for its desktop internet browser Firefox web browser providing the desktop users a new way of experiencing the World Wide Web on your system. The operating system is basically launched for smartphones and tablets offering public an entirely different way of using the phone and experiencing the features seen never before. Firefox OS will also be used on smart TVs for increasing the performance and efficiency of the normal television for making it to be more than just an idiot box as referred by many.

Mozilla demonstrated the operating system on 2013 with the Android-compatible devices and was officially launched later on July in the same year with ZTE’s Open smartphone. The operating system offers various distinctive features present in Android, iOS and Windows phone making it a totally new user experience. WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application providing the smartphone users to connect with people and have some quality time. The app is available on various operating systems and is one of the most popular applications available for free of cost among the App Markets of the several smartphones. WhatsApp is not available for Firefox OS now, but there are several apps which are compatible with the messaging application providing your device running on Firefox operating system a messaging app to connect with friends, relatives and others. ConnectA2 is an application providing you the same feel like WhatsApp on Firefox OS smartphone.


Features of ConnectA2:

  • Compatible with WhatsApp offering you to connect with people
  • Send and receive messages to your contacts with the application
  • Share various multimedia content like pictures, videos and audios with people free of cost and with lighting fast speed
  • Create and connect with a group of people through group chatting
  • Good user interface and offers public to have a quality time


Steps of Installing ConnectA2:

Step 1:

First open the MarketPlace application on your Firefox OS smartphone, it is the app market of the operating system offering the users to download various applications of several contents. On the search bar, tap on it and type ConnectA2 for searching the application in the market.

Step 2:

Click on the Free for beginning the installation process of the application, after the process completes. Open the application and enter your name, phone number, code of the country after the registration process a confirmation SMS will be sent by the application on your phone for making sure that the registration made by you is verified.

Connect A2

Step 3:

Use the application after it verifies the phone number and initiate it on your Firefox device.

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WhatsApp for Firefox OS Mobile – Free Download
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