WhatsApp is known as the best Instant Messaging app which is available for all types of smartphone platforms and you can easily get it installed on your respective smartphone. There are plenty of features which make this app being the top on the chart of the best apps. If you are just a newbie who got a new smartphone and installed WhatsApp on it, you might want to check for the log in information to get started with this app. WhatsApp Login / Sign In is explained into the following report. Kindly follow the below report and start an endless journey of messaging with your own WhatsApp. Here it is! 


Using WhatsApp is as easy as you are using a particular app on your smartphone. WhatsApp offers the most convenient way of messaging and communicating with your loved ones instantly. In order to start your WhatsApp journey, you first need to install this app on your Smartphone. If you are using an Android device, you can download WhatsApp APK file in order to install WhatsApp on an Android device. If your device has already WhatsApp installed, you just need to sign in for once and you’ll be done with a new WhatsApp account for lifetime. Following steps will guide you on Login or Sign In with WhatsApp. You are requested to follow the below given tutorial to get started with this messaging app.

WhatsApp Sign Up

WhatsApp Login / Sign In (Online)

Step 1 :

Kindly Install WhatsApp Messenger on your respective Smartphone first.

Step 2 :

After it gets installed, you need to launch it by hitting the icon of it. You could find out the icon of WhatsApp on your main apps menu. Just tap the menu button and you would see a WhatsApp icon right there, tap it out.

Step 3 :

Now, you would see a screen with two boxes. In the first box you need to enter your Country code and in the second box you need to enter the cell Phone number on which you want to start WhatsApp. Make sure the number you are entering is activate.

Step 4 :

After entering both numbers, you need to enter the Ok button.

Step 5 :

In a few seconds, you will receive a 6 digits code on your requested cellphone number.

Step 6 :

The next page you will see on WhatsApp where you will be asked to enter this 6 digits code.

Step 7 :

Put the exact code into the Code box which you just received on your entered cellphone number.

Step 8 :

You’re done with the sign up process. WhatsApp will be initialising and you would see the progress on your display.

This is how you can get started with WhatsApp on a particular device. The method of signing in is same for all the devices. If you have anything further to ask, kindly let us know in the comments given below the post into the comment sections related to this article. We’d definitely help you out with proper solutions on the go. Stay tuned for more such useful updates on the go.

WhatsApp Login / Sign In (Online)
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