WhatsApp, the best Instant Messenger which has massive number of users. Being the best IM apps, WhatsApp has to upgrade itself. Recently WhatsApp has made a big announcement by launching its web version. Yes, WhatsApp Web is now available to use WhatsApp on PC officially. With this official Web version, you need not to use any kind of Android Emulator. In addition, WhatsApp Web is only available for Chrome browser. Fortunately, WhatsApp Web for Firefox, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer is now available and you can get the official details of it by following the report given below! 

How to Use WhatsApp Web on PC or Laptop (Official WhatsApp Web App Login)

There are people who have been expecting many things from this Messenger. You are here which means you know a bit of WhatsApp and its related things. Recently WhatsApp is acquired by WhatsApp which means WhatsApp has become the product of Facebook. After this deal, WhatsApp has made a few changes. You can hide your profile’s last seen timing. You are allowed to set a specific amount of audience for viewing your profile details. You can see Blue double tick marks whenever the recipient reads your messages.

Recently, WhatsApp Web has been launched and you can use WhatsApp instantly from your PC by using Google Chrome Browser. You can get a complete detailed tutorial on how you can download and install WhatsApp Web on your PC and how to get started with the actual thing by clicking here.

Being a tech journalist, I too have got the hands-on of this WhatsApp’s Web version and I’m just blown away by getting the smoothest interface from this app. Yes, WhatsApp works well enough on its Web version which can be used easily. The process is simple, you just need to head over to the official Web URL of WhatsApp. After going there, you would see a QR Code which needs to be scanned from your device on which your WhatsApp is being installed. The app will recognize things easily and you can see a complete WhatsApp application on your PC’s display. You can even send smileys and all the things that you are doing it on a smartphone.

for Firefox, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer Surprisingly, WhatsApp Web for other browsers is still in the list of the developers. WhatsApp for Firefox, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer is still in the making which means developers are currently working on all the versions of WhatsApp which can be used from any of the here mentioned web browsers. You will soon be getting WhatsApp’s web version for all the available web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. Don’t you worry, as we’ll be the first one to come up with the tutorial on installing WhatsApp Web on these various platforms easily. For that, you just need to stay tuned so that you won’t miss a single update from us!

WhatsApp Web for Firefox, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer (Online Login)
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