Microsoft Office is an office suite package containing applications and services which is acknowledged among the people for the features inherited in it. The office suite has grown significantly with some upgrades and changes making the user to get more efficient and clear results for documents. Over a billion people use Office worldwide and access the features offered to create the documents with ease using it on their desktops, laptops and smartphones. It is available on numerous platforms offering the people all around the world to get the characteristics present on it.

In this modern digital age there are still numerous people who don’t know the usefulness and importance of MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint keeping them away from the great tools. These people can learn the features and offered potentials easily just they need some motivation and guidance aiding them to acknowledge the basic of the applications present in Office. People can use the internet for learning MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint features with the help of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). There are several MOOCs aiding you to learn the tools offered in the Microsoft Office package. Here are some top resources aiding you to give you the learning and direction to acknowledge the tools.


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Top Resources to Learn MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint:

  • is an online academy aiding the people all around the world to get education whenever needed. It offers you two Microsoft Office accustomed courses which is related to MS Word and Excel Spreadsheets falling the Professional Development section Saylor’s section. The courses are free of cost aiding you to get the knowledge without spending any amount you just need a working internet connection.
  • Udemy: Just like Saylor, Udemy also offers the learners all around the world to study about the tools of Microsoft Office free of cost. The learner has to dedicate about 3 hours on a daily basis and attend about 12 lectures divided into 3 parts. Udemy is good for the people who know a little about Office and willing to brush up their talent. The courses range is brilliant and contains the quality delivered by experts to provide a good academic knowledge.


  • Microsoft Learning: Microsoft also offers the customers and users of their Office suite to acknowledge the features and working of the suite present in it. The training program is good but sometimes makes the learner to feel the exhaustive nature present in it. It offers you a wide range of applications from Office to be acknowledged easily without any sort of trouble.


  • Alison: Alison offers the all-around teaching regarding MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint without asking you a single amount in exchange of the services provided to you. it is a certified online academy which covers almost 14 individual courses covering the core of Office to make sure the learner has got the required and needed knowledge about the office suite.

Where to Learn MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint Online – Top Resources
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