Windows 10 is the latest edition to the widely acknowledged and popular Windows operating system developed by Microsoft with the aim to provide the users a next generation OS for their system. The new edition has some upgraded features to provide the people using the non-touchscreen systems or desktops have an improved user experience. The company got a lot of criticism due to Windows 8.1 having the deficiency of accessibility of non-touchscreen to perform several functions; the OS was entirely designed keeping in mind the current trend of touchscreen devices. Windows 10 has been formulated to accessible by everyone and no sort of problem is encountered while using it.

The latest Windows operating system will be available for the supported systems in the end of the year. The time of release of Windows 10 is quite long allowing the people to wait for it in order to get their hands on the brilliant operating system. But if we tell you that you can right encounter the experience of using Windows 10 on your system then what will you say. Yes you can acknowledge the user interface on your Windows 7 operating system and change your system to look like the latest OS without any problem. With it you can change your Login screen making it just like Windows 10 and make the system to be close to the unreleased OS.

windows 10 transformation pack

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Windows 10 Login Screen for Windows 7:

You can customize your Windows 7 operating system’s login screen to look like Windows 10 and you will need to download Windows 10 Transformation Pack to do so. The Windows 10 Transformation Pack will change your entire system to look like the latest Windows 10 without any problem and not hampering the performance of the system.

Features of Windows 10 Transformation Pack:

  • Aiding you to customize and personalize the Windows system to latest update Windows 10
  • Have features like Virtual Desktop and themes to make the system to be attractive.
  • Designed for systems running on Windows OS allowing them to run the pack without any trouble.
  • Experience the Metro UI in a all new way
  • Allowing you to experience the visual and appearance of Windows 10 without waiting for the initial release.

windows 10 transformation

Windows 10 Transformation Pack Download

The transformation Pack doesn’t contain any sort of malware nor invites crapware to your system, the link provided is safe for download.

Download the Windows 10 Transformation Pack from the link given above and install it after the download procedure is completed. Make sure that you have the Net Framework installed on your system which is necessary for running the pack properly and efficiently.

windows 10

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Windows 10 Login Screen for Windows 7 – Download & Install [How To]
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