Windows 10 operating system is the latest addition to the Windows operating system series developed by Microsoft for people. The company recently showcased the operating system to people making them to know what does it contains and offers to the users, many new features are present and offered to people for attracting them towards the new generation operating system. The operating system has been made keeping on the mind the mouse and keyboard users which being exempted in the previous two versions of Windows operating system where there were very use of these equipments.

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Technical Preview for people making to experience the capability of the operating system is up to their expectations and get the feedback about it of removing the problems present in it. The company has stated that about 1 million people has registered and asked for getting it, showcasing the demand and attraction made by Windows 10 in its display to people. We also got hands on the Technical Preview and tested the features present in the operating system. We have some tips, features and tricks formulated from Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Windows 10

Brilliant Windows 10 Features, Tips and Tricks:

  • The New Item in Taskbar:

    Microsoft has offered the users to add an item in the Start Menu Taskbar for making the user to experience easiness and comfort working on the OS. Recycle Bin was included by us in the taskbar in order to check that it can avoid the user to face the poking on Explorer around and searching it.


  • New Tab on Explorer:

    People using Windows operating system are familiar with the normal tabs present on opening My Computer, Windows 10 offers the users a new tab Home. The Home tab showcases the Favorites, Frequent Opened Folders and the Files Recent Used. It is cool in using and has some brilliant views.


  • Notifications in Windows 10:

    The Technical Preview of the operating system has pretty much shown that it will be more efficient than the previous version present for people. The new Notification bar in Windows 10 will have the significance of the Metro User Interface. There are many applications present on the operating system, will be allowed to pop-up notifications.


  • Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts:

    There are various keyboard shortcuts present on Windows 10, making the using more convenient and easy. Some of them are:-

  1. Hitting Windows Key+Ctrl+Arrow (Left or Right) will allow you to switch between the previous and next Virtual Desktop.
  2. Hitting Windows Key+Ctrl+D will help you to create a fresh and new Virtual Desktop.
  3. The Task view is prompted up by hitting Windows Key-Tab


Windows 10 promises the people to have a brilliant using experience and offers more than expected. There are more features still not known about the operating system, which might be able to see in the next Technical Preview of the OS.

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks
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