Windows OS is a great desktop operating system allowing the users to work, do functions along with having entertainment in various ways.  A search feature was introduced in the Windows 7 operating system to make the user to get the file he/she want to access at fingertips and easily than looking for the specific file in the whole system. The search feature works as an indexing mechanism as by seeing to the index of the book one is able to reach the content he/she wants to see. It searches the file on the computer through seeing the similar files and mapping the correct location of the file.

The search feature present in the new versions of Windows operating systems is a brilliant, attractive and outstanding add-on providing the user to have the file to be there when its need arises. However the results and working of the search index is not always correct along with accurate providing the user unable to get the desired result. Sometimes we encounter that there are messages popping up stating that the ‘Windows search has stopped working’ or with similar ‘Windows search is incomplete’. These messages pop-up when there is a problem or trouble that is posed during the working of search index making it to be malfunctioned.


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Windows Search Feature Not Working

There are several reasons and circumstances due to which the search result is unable to work efficiently and correctly. Due to being several reasons for the problem and there are various ways to solve it making it able to search the desired file or content without going through each and every drive present on the system. Through these methods you can resolve the search feature not working issue on your system.


Method 1: Through Windows Troubleshooting

Open the start menu and go to the search bar present there, type Index see for the option stating ‘Indexing option’. A dialogue box will open on the system where you have to click on Troubleshoot search and indexing link. A list of options will pop-up stating the problems encountered by you, choose one and experienced by you and click on Next.


The troubleshoot will solve the problem after checking along with making the error to be avoided to prompt up again.

Method 2: Rebuilding the Index

In this method you have to again go to the indexing option and go to it through following the same procedure done and there in Method 1. When the indexing option window and then open the Advanced option. You will have to enter the Administrator Password in order to move ahead if the system asks it from you.


On the Advanced Option, click on the Index settings tab and click on the rebuild option present in Troubleshooting option in bottom. It will delete the existing index and rebuild a fresh new one to solve the search index option.

Method 3: Ensure that Windows Search Index is Enabled

Open the Control Panel through the Start menu where the Control Panel icon will be there. Navigate to Programs and Features where on the left pane there will an option Turn Windows features on or off click on it. Windows Features dialog box will pop-up, then scroll down to the Windows search option and check the box is checked or not.

Windows search

If not then check the box by clicking on it and also see the indexing services is on or not present in the same Windows features box.

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 Search Feature Not Working – How to Fix it
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