Windows 7 is the operating system developed and marketed by the technology giant Microsoft. The personal computer operating system was released by the company in six editions different from others which were Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate for giving the people to access it and getting the use of it fully. It was technically launched as the upgrade of Windows Vista to overcome the harsh comments and criticisms faced by it after the release of the OS. Windows 7 is improved and making the users to use it according to their needs.

Facing the not genuine error in Windows is a common problem experienced by people using the operating system. There error showcases the operating system used by you is not original and it must be re-installed. The error message pops-up ‘This copy of Windows is not Genuine’.

Windows 7

Fixing The Windows Not Genuine Error:

The error can be fixed easily and simply through the methods given below. The error arises due to two factors, either your license period is being expired or the version present is not original.

Windows 7 Not Genuine

Method 1:

This method is on solving the error through command prompt. The Command prompt is an interacting process with the computer to run programs through the commands given by the user. The method is easy and quick ensuring its credentials for the solution.

Open the command prompt by typing ‘cmd’ on the search bar of Start Menu. Right-click on it and select the ‘run as Administrator’ option. Write SLMGR-REARM with correct words for ensuring it to work. After this hit enter, the confirmation window will pop-up and select OK. Then restart your desktop for completing the process.

You will never encounter the error message in your desktop and will able to use the Windows 7 properly.

Windows 7 CMD

Method 2:

You can’t update your Windows if non-genuine version is used by you because it is not authorized to do so. Turn off your ‘Install updates automatically’ by selecting ‘Never check for updates’ option.

If the above proved to be of no use and then don’t worry this will surely help. The method is based on solving the problem through removing the file which is causing the error and providing hindrance in performing the system to its fullest.

Open the Control Panel and navigate to the Updates section of the operating system. Search for KB971033 update and when you reach it, uninstall it. After the uninstallation, restart your desktop for completing the process.

Try to use only premium operating system and avoid the non-genuine versions. The methods given above are only temporary fixes not permanent ones and will be able to help you for a time being.

Windows 7 Not Genuine Error Fix
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