Windows operating system is one of the best desktop operating system and delivers the performance as expected with the working done efficiently. There are several features which are unique and brilliant in using allowing the person using the operating system to have an excellent quality time while accessing the OS for doing several functions. Developed by Microsoft it aims in providing the public the platform where they can do their processes properly and as they want to do with the comfort and easiness present in it.

Basically every people use the email service for sending and having conversation along with sharing the work, documents and several related content with other people. There are large number of email clients providing the people to receive emails from their mailbox and check the messages through them. They are interlinked and connected with the mailbox of the user and allow the person to access the remote mail storage through it. Windows Live Mail is also an email client formulated by Microsoft and can be used on Windows operating system. It is a great tool to manage and check the email messages there on your mailbox. It was released in 2007 to provide the user a medium to see and regulate the mailbox as they want to without any problem or trouble.

Live Mail

Features of Windows Live Mail:

  • Supports multiple accounts at the same moment and one can access Hotmail, Gmail and other similar email site accounts.
  • Has the multi-line message lists to allow the user to perform the function with ease.
  • No need of managing the spelling while messaging as it has the in-line spell checking to examine the message language.
  • Having the ability to reply directly with the mail to the sender making the process of communication to be fast and instant.
  • Want to light up then use the emoticons used in emails and other functions.

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Windows Live Mail Offline Installer for Windows:

Windows Live Mail is a great email client serving as a good tool for Windows operating system user to manage and regulate the email clients. You can also access the application without the internet access for offline usage and have the mail to be seen along with checked without the net. The sync feature allows to safeguard the mailbox contents with other accounts and to use them in case of any trouble using the mail client.


Windows Live Mail Offline Installer for Windows

Steps of Installing Windows Live Mail:

Step 1:

Download the setup file from the link provided above on your desktop. The link provided on the above is safe for performing the download and will not trouble the security of the system and its performance.

Step 2:

The download will be quickly as it is a short file get there in the system. Install the file from the setup and run the application for moving ahead in the process.

Step 3:

Now you have to enroll the email account which you want to use through the email client and manage with it.

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail Offline Installer Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & XP
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