Recently we gave you the guide which allows and aiding you to install the Windows 10 Technical Preview on your Lumia smartphones to get an all new experience on your device. As the technical preview is only available on selected devices in order to test the working and functioning of the OS on the devices and get the response to change the complication and lacking in the final version to ensure the performance and efficiency. Many people have installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview and are using it to have the feel of the working present and offered to the people.

If you have installed the Technical Preview on your supported Lumia smartphone and want to downgrade from Windows 10 to your previous Windows 8.1 then you have come the right way. There are some countable devices present for supporting the technical preview which makes it for many people to unable to access it fully and as expected on their smartphones (Windows Phone). They are not able to get the smoothness and promptness as thought so due to the bumpy experience. The thing which makes the user to not get the expected result is not the full development of the operating system preview. Microsoft kept a backup plan for the users as to avoid any sort of trouble, Windows Phone Recovery Tool aids the user to sort the trouble.

Windows Recovery Tool

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Windows Phone Recovery Tool:

Windows Phone Recovery Tool is a desktop application made by Microsoft to reset and recover the Windows phone if the device is under a problem or encountering one. The tool solves the issues of the device related to software, update etc. Windows Phone Recovery Tool needs some system requirements to work on efficiently and properly like Windows 7 or later etc.


Windows Phone Recovery Tool

Steps of Using Windows Phone Recovery Tool:

Step 1:

As the tool is a desktop/laptop application, you will need a USB Cable to connect the device with desktop to perform the process. Make sure that you have made a backup of the data there on the phone as it will erase everything.

Step 2:

Download the tool from the link provided above on your desktop. The link provided above is safe and secure to perform the download. There will be no sort of trouble or problem while performing the process.

Windows Phone

Step 3:

Connect the device with the desktop/laptop through the USB Cable and start the tool to initiate the recovery process. A message will appear on your system stating Connect your phone, then select the device used by you and proceed to the next screen.

Step 4:

Now just follow the instructions given on the tool to restore it to Windows 8.1 then it will get back to the factory settings and it may require some time. The time taken will be on the basis of the internet connection and the main thing is that you can’t use the device during the process.

After the process is finished you have to use the backup to bring the data back on the device.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool for Windows 10 Free Download & Tutorial
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