Android users have played one edition of Worms game series offering people a brilliant animation and visuals during playing it.  Worms have made the stand in the Android gaming industry through the two editions of the game launched by them. Worms is an artillery, strategy and puzzling game series, the game is loved by many people due to gameplay present and offered by the game. The game is developed by Team 17 Digital Limited ensuring the people about the package present in the game for giving them a phenomenal game experience.

Worms 3 is the latest release from the developers for their followers giving them a next level experience through the game. The cartoon based strategy game offers many weapons for achieving the goal of decreasing the enemy worms present and its HP to minimal. There are worms having their own talent and ability possessed by them, allowing you to choose the appropriate worm according to the situation present in the game. The game has various modes for earning the bronze, gold and silver cards making it to have a brilliant experience.


Features of Worms 3:

  • Optimized User Interface for the touch screen of your Android device.
  • A large amount of weapons and utilities which are easy in using during playing.
  • Multiplayer gaming option for the players
  • Have friendly matches with your friends and compete with your friends in the body count mode.
  • Awesome control response during the game.
  • Has the feeling and the essence of old Worms game versions.

Worms 3

Worms 3 Apk Download:

The game is brilliant with features and gaming experience offered to Android device users, it has many upgrades making you to glue to device during playing the game. The features would have made a tremendous effect on you and initiated the urge of having it in your smartphone. The game promises to deliver and stand on the expectations made by people from it. You can download the game from the link given below.

Worms 3 APK Download

Worms 3 APK


Steps of Installing Worms 3:

Step 1:

Download the APK file and data from the link given above. The files of the game are necessary to be downloaded for proper functioning of the game. Files of the game are about 114 MB and will required time to be downloaded completely, maintain your patience. Download the files in your desktop.

Step 2:

After the downloading process completes, transfer the downloaded files from the desktop to your Android device. The transfer should be done through the USB cable for making the process fast.


Step 3:

Locate the APK file on your device and tap on it for installing the game. After the installation process finishes the game will read the files downloaded with the APK file.

Step 4:

After the game is installed, it is ready for playing. Now enjoy the game along with the experience it offers you on playing.

Worms 3 APK Download for Android
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