Having an Android smartphone that means you must be having a huge amount of files and data in your storage. The data is huge due to many reasons like the data of the applications used, personal files (Audio, video, etc), important office data and much more, making the storage to fill up gradually. You can transfer the data between devices through Bluetooth technology present in the devices in which you want to send it through your devices through your smartphone. Bluetooth is quite efficient in its work, but it lacks the speed needed during transfer and a lot of time is consumed during transferring files through it.

Living in a digitally fast world between the lighting fast speed of 3G and 4G network connections, we expect to do more in less time. While transferring we can have the speed needed through Xender (previously known as Flash Transfer). It is a Wi-Fi based application. The application is developed by AnMobi Incorporation giving much faster transfer speed than Bluetooth about 6MB/s stating that a movie can transfer from one Android device to another in just an hour. It has been showcased as the best transmission app present on Android. Speed than never expected by you during transferring data is present in the application.


Features of Xender APK:

  • Offering a speed about 50 times faster than Bluetooth present in the Android smartphone.
  • Uses the Wi-Fi for giving the speed during the transfer process.
  • No bounding upon the format it supports application, movies etc.
  • You can upload and download also transfer the files from your desktop without a USB cable.
  • No cost on your mobile data traffic.
  • Customized user interface for user.


Xender APK Download:

The application phenomenal and stands on the statement of being the best transmission app on Android. If you are tired of the speed of Bluetooth, give this app a chance and it will not decrease your expectations from the application. Xender can be downloaded from the link given below.

Xender APK Download

Xender apk

Steps of Installing Xender APK:

Step 1:

Download the latest update of the application from the link given above from your desktop.

Step 2:

Transfer the APK file from the desktop to your Android device and tap on the file to install it.

Xender file transfer app

Step 3:

Open the application after installing it, you will see the welcome screen and it will ask to set a profile name and a profile picture. You can choose an avatar provided by the application.

Step 4:

After filling the information you are all set to receive and send files from the application, experience the brilliant transfer offered by the application.

Xender APK Download for Android – Latest Version
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