Zombie Hive is a Simulation game where your duty is rescue the survivors after destroying the virus infected zombies in the secret weapon research center under the ground. The final mission you need to accomplished is to go down to the 1000th floor to destroy the entire core of this virus so that the world can live peacefully afterwards. The game is full of fun and gives you the best shots every time you play it on a respective device. Fortunately, Zombie Hive APK is now available for free to download for your Android smartphone. More details are as follows!Zombie Hive APK 1

There are a huge number of people who like to play such games where they can be the real hero. Such simulation games can be helpful in our real life as well. We can learn so many things by playing such rescuing games. Instead of playing craps, we all should play the games from where we can get improved. In order to know more about this game, we request you to kindly follow the list of its features given below. Get all the useful details about this game from the list given here, take a look!

Features of Zombie Hive for Android

  • Amazing game with exciting gameplay to rescue the survivors from dangerous virus attacks
  • Automatically obtain items in auto-battle
  • Upgrade drill robot of each part
  • Battle with super zombies
  • Rescue the survivors
  • Story missions with special rewards
  • Battle with super zombies to survive more
  • Use cutting edge booster equipment whenever needed
  • Obtain items through area search and much more

These were all the extra ordinary features available inside this productive simulation game, Zombie Hive. The game offers a complete entertaining time ahead within your Android. Fortunately, you can download it from the official Google Play Store‘s page for free. Apart from this, you can download its APK file by following the Download button mentioned below!

Zombie Hive APK 4

Zombie Hive APK Download


Click the above Download button once, downloading process will take place. It will take several minutes to complete the downloading process. Soon, the APK file of Zombie Hive will be downloaded to your desktop. Now, follow the steps given below in order to install this APK file to a respective Android smartphone.

How to Install Zombie Hive APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

First thing you need to have is a proper APK file fo the required app or game.

Step 2 :

Follow the download button given above, downloading process will take place itself. Soon, the APK file will be right there on your desktop.

Step 3 :

Make sure to copy or transfer this file to your Android. Use a proper USB data cable to do so.

Step 4 :

Now, go to your apps menu and open file manager app. Search the APK file of Zombie Hive and tap it out. Do select the Install button when asked. You’re done!

In order to get started with this game, go to your apps menu and launch the game by tapping out its icon. The game should be launched and you can start playing it right away!

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Zombie Hive APK Download for Android Free
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